Our story began 12 years ago when Ian and Paul set up KAMBridge to focus on helping clients develop commercial skills. At the same time, in Copenhagen, Christian began helping clients implement their strategies in powerful and collaborative ways. At a chance meeting 4 years ago, both parties discovered a shared belief in the remarkable power of Value Proposition thinking to make business better and The Value Factory was formed. Whilst everyone uses the phrase Value Proposition, for most it’s just a sound bite. A leading expert on Value Propositions, Professor Malcolm McDonald, asserts that fewer than 5% of businesses are clear on their Value Proposition. So do they matter?
The answer of course is “Yes!” and getting them right can have a transformative effect on aligning business strategy and sales effectiveness. So why aren’t VPs clearly established? There’s a range of reasons that we will write more about soon, but bluntly businesses don’t know how to create them or how to implement them – and that’s where we help.

So, we’re taking the new website as an opportunity to celebrate our journey to date. If you are interested in the power of Value Propositions, please follow us.