For the first few years doing sales training, we always hit the same problem. We’d do all the important stuff around powerful questioning & listening, identifying needs, creating an emotional connection etc and then say “now explain your Value Proposition” to be met with puzzlement or more often 10 different answers. The fact is that any sales conversation will be weakened if your customer-facing colleagues can’t explain the distinctive value that your solution offers – backed up by evidence.

Incredibly, not many organisations do the work required to solve this, and critically, sustain it. Fundamentally, this is because few people know how to create them, and fewer still have the capability to align them across all functions to enhance their power.

Sales effectiveness can be rapidly improved when salespeople are equipped with clearly articulated value propositions with aligned marketing collateral.

Try a quick sense check and ask five of your sales team “why should a customer buy from us and not a competitor?” The bigger the range of answers you get, the bigger the opportunity.