For too many businesses, a value proposition statement is just a line developed by someone that might be inserted in a pitch or a website. What a waste! Value Propositions, properly created and implemented across the organisation have a transformative power to drive growth. Why?

1.  Differentiation – do potential customers truly understand the value you offer? Or are you interchangeable as a supplier? The mere act of establishing your value propositions and quantifying the benefits will give you clear differentiation and customers a reason to buy.

2. Focus & prioritisation – so many businesses are over-whelmed by initiatives that serve to over-burden an already exhausted workforce. Clear value propositions help leaders decide what is important and what is a dilution of effort. Who doesn’t want to make work simpler?

3. Sales and marketing – are they joined at the hip or ploughing their own furrow? How much better if they combined with compelling VP-based communications?

Implementing value propositions leads to better alignment across teams, faster decision-making, and more powerful innovation. Leaders should ask themselves if they have clear VPs and the discipline to execute them.